El Corte Ingles – Kiosk Based Retail

The Background:  

Brightstar Corporation (a subsidiary of Softbank Group Corp.), is a U.S based privately held corporation founded in 1997. It is a USD 10 Billion company with 15000 enterprise customers in more than 100 countries and an association of 40,000+ mobile phone retailers. On an average, they process more than 80 million phones every year.

The Problem: 

Brightstar wanted to give it's customer ‘El Corte Ingles’ (a Spanish Retailer) complete access to a retail Kiosk trade-in platform where used cell phones can be sold out conveniently. This one activity was required to be developed and supported by an automation process including- trade-in process, device boxing, logistics integration and distribution to the respective warehouses.

The Challenges:  

Our team had to design this web application in Spanish language & implement multiple integrations consisting of FMiP, Lost & Stolen check, POS, logistic integration etc. This application had to be kept extremely simple & easy to work with to allow retail customers to perform actions without any external support.

The Solution: 

Our team of business analysts worked closely with client operation team to understand the requirements in detail. Our solution architects designed a scalable, flexible & secure architecture for this platform to be used on a kiosk. Our team of developers worked on this architecture to create a retail trade-in web app displaying a hassle-free process to let end customers sell their used mobile phones easily. The trade-in web app had a back-end which was integrated with multiple APIs to allow multiple actions at one go. Application interface was designed in Spanish language as per client requirement.

Technology Stack

  • Asp.net framework
  • SQL Server
  • HTML design
  • CSS – Bootstrap
  • C# Language
  • ASMX web services in application
  • Responsive Application

The Result:

Brightstar and it’s customer El Corte Ingles gave positive reviews on the final product. It fulfilled project requirements of kiosk application allowing retail customers to easily access this trade-in applications & sell their used phones.

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