Brightstar Nordics Omni-Channel Trade-In Solution

The Background: 

Brightstar Corporation (a subsidiary of Softbank Group Corp.), is a U.S based privately held corporation founded in 1997. It is a USD 10 Billion company with 15000 enterprise customers in more than 100 countries and an association of 40,000+ mobile phone retailers.On an average, they process more than 80 million phones every year.

The Problem:

Brightstar approached Veridic to develop Omni channel retail trade-in solution ensuring speedy and convenient user experience on the website. The focal requirement was to simplify the order placement feature and creating an admin portal allowing administrative changes. No Fault Found (NFF) or No Trouble Found (NTF) device returns during the trade-in process was the major problem to conquer. The OEM’s, warehouse service providers and device processing units were facing revenue losses due to NFF/NTF returns many times. Hence, a solution was required to rectify such issues regarding which Brightstar contacted us and demanded a solution that can prove beneficial for consumer, retailer, warehouse, processing units etc.

The Challenges:

Major challenge of the project was to automate the entire process of different manual activities and compile them into one process. Hence, fetching third-party integration and information was important. Another challenge was to save the information on the cloud in the form of reports for which we developed a different integration process.

The Solution:

The requirement was to deliver a cloud application making the mobile trade-in workflow process easier and accurate. There were end number of manual activities compressed in one automated solution. In partnership with Brightstar, we designed a portal which can be used by retail stores that comes under Brightstar network in the Nordic region.
The workflow of this mobile buyback solution was expected to let the customer submit required information about the used mobile. It made mobile phone evaluation and trade in process easier via the cloud-based portal.

Technology Stack

  • MVC framework
  • SQL Server
  • HTML5 design
  • WCF web services in Application
  • Entity framework

The Result:

The delivered product helped Brightstar to streamline retail, device collection, inspection & evaluation (grading) operations of Brightstar reducing human errors and increasing productivity. Admin portal allowed supervisors & store manager to accomplish tasks in much lesser time & fetch reports from backend. In addition to this, the developed web portal reduced man-hours and eliminated the need of having an expert to access it. And the product was able to drastically reduce NTF returns and improve ROI.

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