CellDe mCheck

The most reliable & effective phone testing platform

CellDe mCheck goes beyond traditional phone testing software ensuring the potential to customise tests & testing sequences as per your requirement. It simplifies device operations & dynamically reduces the device testing time to achieve the milestones. With CellDe’s mCheck, organisations can easily perform device testing either for individual or bulk devices from any location, anytime. While regular phone testing software limits you to its workflow, branding & options, CellDe mCheck gives you the access to choose your workflow and display your brand to your stakeholders or customers.

  • Easy to perform tests
  • Quick diagnostic & test results
  • Accurate device IMEI data & Make Model Identification
  • Customisable as per your requirement
  • Choose from more than 30 tests
  • Rebranding
  • Remote Testing

Key Benefits of CellDe mCheck

  • Easy to use software for quick operations
  • Get IMEI & device information automatically for any Android or iOS
  • Create positive customer experiences across all channels
  • Option to perform remote testing for online or offline customers
  • Easy to maintain software
  • Increase Sales
  • Get auditable reports for device testing.
  • Scalable & Flexible - allows easy scaling or reducing operations
  • Avoid No Fault Found Returns (NFR) and reduces overheads

Start Using Default App for Free For Mobile Buyback Providers, Phone Repair Businesses, Phone Recyclers, Telecom Operators, Retailers & Wholesalers

CellDe mCheck Key Features

Quick Diagnostics Easy & Quick testing of phone condition
Customisable Workflow Perform tests as per your requirement
Remote Testing Remote Testing for call centre & online solutions
Accurate Results Get accurate device data & test results
Transfer Data Option to transfer data easily to web applications
Omni Devices Can be used on any Android or iOS device
Fetch Reports Get auditable reports with unique features
No Variance Eradicates the possibility of confusing variance in outcome
Detect Rooted & Jailbroken Unusual device detection becomes easier

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