CellDe Bulk Inspect - Must Have Tool for Used Phones Businesses
Is your business in the used phone industry?

Is it getting tedious to run a bulk mobile quality check in one go? 

If so, then you haven’t upgraded your work operations yet!

Here is how:

CellDe Bulk Inspect- Your True Device Analyst

It is a web application integrated with a Smart App, giving you complete access to phone diagnostics process. Right from unraveling the IMEI number to the device model number, it’s as easy as 1,2,3. The sole purpose is to facilitate bulk evaluation in one go.

Key features of this app are:

  • Device IMEI information
  • Device serial number
  • Storage
  • Device manufacturer, color, model, brand and capacity
  • Phone test results for key parameters as per your requirement-  power button, casing, volume, touch, camera etc.
  • Date of test commencement
  • Handwritten notes (In exceptional cases)

CellDe Bulk Inspect software comes with free access to CellDe mCheck app. Once the devices run tests through this mobile app, it generates a unique code automatically which is barcode scanned or manually typed to CellDe Bulk Inspect.

CellDe Bulk Inspect allows you to import data from bulk phones in one go, so even if you have 20, 30, 50 phones or more to test at the same time, they can all be imported together.

This allows quick turnaround time & maximized the productivity of your staff reducing man-hours spent on phone inspection, evaluation, label printing, & manual reporting. Different faults of phones are segregated automatically on the back-end to generate a well-organized report.

The process begins with:

  • Signing up or creating an account using your username & password
  • Then enter the unique identification code generated through the CellDe mCheck App
  • This will ultimately re-capture genuine details of the device
  • Fetch data
  • Print labels
  • Access Dashboard & Smart Reporting

Why go for CellDe Bulk Inspection?

Undoubtedly, this is the best solution for all those techies who have a requirement to obtain accurate information about different mobile devices in bulk. The best thing about using this software is-

  • Reducing man-hours: As the present time demands for smart and time-saving sources, this software is simply the best medium. In terms of bulk inspection, all you need is to scan the QR code of all the devices and in no time, you can get access to the detailed information of the scanned devices. 

  • Reducing manpower: Checking each and every used phone through the manual or automatic inspection can be a daunting task. This ultimately demands major manpower to get the work done quickly but that’s really not the case with CellDe Bulk Inspection. Even an individual can check hundreds of phones in one go.

  • Business intelligence: Get access to where your business is trending. CellDe Bulk Inspect gives your smart information on your market, trends, device OS, volume & faults etc. With all this data, you can make intelligent decisions to take your business forward.

  • Affordable: To get complete access to it, all you need is a 4G internet connection and access to a computer, laptop, tablet or even a phone. Even costings to use this software is extremely reasonable.

  • Record & Inventory management: CellDe Bulk Inspect comes with inventory management tool. All your database is securely kept in storage for you to perform auditing, compliance with authorities or performance checks.

  • Export in CSV format: The records can be printed in PDF, CSV format for users' convenience. If not PDF, then the user has all the liberty to export it into the CSV format to safeguard records. 

  • Label Printing: Once the evaluation is done, this web application will generate an individual label for each and every device tested. Later, this label is printed and pasted over the device for easy identification. It is necessarily done before exporting handsets to the warehouse. 

The Vision Behind CellDe Bulk Inspect:

Veridic Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a software development company having a decade of experience in serving Buyback providers, Telecom Operators, Cell phone Recyclers, Mobile Wholesalers, Retailers & Phone Insurance services. Having years of experience in mobile buyback industry, we hold expertise in trade-in automation (Online, Retail, Call Centre, Corporate & Omnichannel Workflow), MMR (Make Model Recognition) and bulk mobile phone diagnostic services.
Our grounded purpose is to set new milestones in value delivery to the used mobile phone industry and expanding the used phone market on a global level.
Some of the esteemed users of our products & solutions are:- Brightstar, Belmont, Apple, Vodafone, EE, Claro, Telcel, Telecom Italia, T Mobile. It doesn’t end here- still many more yet to incorporate.
Get free business consultation for trade-in, bulk phone operations & phone testing solutions, contact for further information:


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About Veridic

Veridic Technologies is an end-to-end IT solutions company focused on Product Engineering Services, Enterprise Mobility, and Custom Application Development.

Started in 2010 by Mr. Ankur Thakur as an outsourcing firm for Brightstar Corporation (a USD 10 Billion company),  now Veridic has risen to become an internationally known brand. We have a dedicated team of 150+ employees operating from 2 offices, India & UK. 

Veridic is dedicated to revolutionizing growth of used mobile businesses across the globe. Our clients include Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Telecom Operators, Trade-in Providers, Warehouse Providers & Mobile Phone Recyclers. 

Few of our reference users of our solutions are Brightstar Corp, Apple, Belmont Trading, Vodafone, EE, O2, Claro, T Mobile, Telcel, Telecom Italia, Media Market, etc.
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