When to trade-in your old phone?

Do you know, your old phone can still prove beneficial to you?

Despite having stubborn scratches, not-so-updated Android version, still, it has the potential to make you some money.

Don’t know how?

Then you need to go through this!

The Phone Trade-In Market:

If you are into a phone buyback, retail, e-commerce, resell, refurbish industry then you must be familiar with the actual worth of a mobile phone, even if its an old one. And if you do not belong to the mentioned businesses then, here is all that you need to know about the entire mobile trade-in process.

The actual concept of mobile phone trade-in starts with selling and buying old phones. This business stream does not include the sale and purchase of new handsets available in the market. And this one fact segregates its market segment from the rest.

The best Target Audience for Trade-In:

Generally, technology lovers prefer to enjoy the latest technology phone as soon as it is available in the market, this makes them change their phone frequently and hop on to the different brands.

With this, the probability of selling an old phone and buying a new one boosts automatically. And in such circumstances, moving toward multiple online trade-in platforms or trade-in service providers, retailers refurbish is the best way to reap maximum value out of your used phone.

When is the right time to trade-in your phone or any other gadget?

This is one such question that almost everyone is juggling with. According to trade-in experts, one should use the mobile phone for at least 3 years and then think of going for trade-in the device. Ideally, an iPhone works pretty well till 6-7 years, especially when you do not want to spend much on your device. But if you keep technology over your budget then think of swapping or trade-in your phone at least after 3 years.

As compared to iPhone, Android phones have a lesser lifespan and the reason can be anything- screen damage, old software, slow processing, etc.

What about the other gadgets?

When it comes to other corporate gadgets like- laptops, the lifespan is longer than mobile phones. On an average, a laptop can work fine for at least 3 years, rest it completely depends on maintenance, brand, model, make and usage too. If you are using it just to check your emails or probably to surf Facebook then, it can last for 10 years easily.    


Where to get the maximum value of your old phone?

This one completely depends on the condition of your phone. As far as an iPhone is concerned, it is always wise to trade your device at the Apple stores where you can avail maximum worth or the best trade-in deals to avail a new handset instead.


This write-up pays major attention to questions like- when is the right time to trade-in your phone and what makes the deal profitable for you? Apart from the device condition, there are a number of factors to be analyzed before you think to swap your old phone for a new one.

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