Top 9 Recommended Marketing Certificates to Work Like A Pro

Do you know presently digital marketing is the biggest hotshot of the business market?

Let’s dig down more to find out some interesting facts about digital marketing.

The Marketing Outlook:

This market has a lot more than you could ever expect. Right from the strategies to its impact, almost everything changes frequently. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a market research analyst or a marketing specialist earns $62,000 on an average and this amount is expected to increase in the upcoming years, at least till 2026.

Having a deep knowledge of current marketing trends, similar product or services available in the market, digital marketers considered to be the best strategy developers to upsurge the revenue growth standards of the business. And, just in case, you have made your mind to join this influential profession, it is recommended to get these 9 marketing certificates to add value to your exceptional prowess.

Here are the most acclaimed marketing certificates that you should not miss at all:

  1. Bing Ads Certification: However, Bing is not a much-preferred search engine but it’s some of the elements if used well can bring the best marketing results in no time. The biggest highlights of Bing include its easy integration potential with Microsoft digital products and not to forget its acquisition of a renowned search engine like Yahoo. It majorly focuses on measures helping to increase the overall ROI through Bing Ads.
  2. Facebook Blueprint Certification: According to SEMrush, Facebook Blueprint Certification is the highly preferred marketing certification course. How? Well, due to its high search results. On an average, this specific certification type is touching the benchmark of 6,000 search results on monthly basis. It majorly highlights and teaches the right way to set-up Facebook campaigns after analyzing a number of factors including- target audience, search results, and frequency. Apart from this, it also unravels how to make the most out of Facebook Pexels.
  3. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification: A high majority of people are living in the misconception that content marketing is different from digital marketing. Content marketing is more of a sub-category lying under the covers of digital marketing. This course is apt to make an individual learn the right manner to conduct content writing approach and marketing it. Amid the different content marketing certifications, HubSpot Content Marketing Certification has become the most recommended having 9,120 monthly searches. Even it has found to be beneficial when starting your career on any freelancing platform like Upwork or Freelancer.
  4. PCM Digital Marketing Certification: PCM (Professional Certified Marketer) Digital Marketing Certification is provided by the American Marketing Association covering all the major marketing highlights including- social media, planning, strategy making, marketing execution, public relations and much more. PCM certification is valid for 3 years after which one has to renew it. The study material for PCM may cost you around $99.
  5. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification: As the name suggests, it majorly focuses the different marketing elements of social media channels expanding the vision and scope of digital marketing. One has to answer 60 marketing questions to pass this test. In order to help students to crack their test in the very first attempt, there is end number of sample papers available on the internet. The best thing about this certification is that once you pass the test, it never expires and holds high value in the market too. However, the study material for this certification can be downloaded for the different sources or Hootsuite official website for free but, it asks for $199 per marketing test as its entry fee.
  6. Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification: With more than 20,000 organic search results, Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification has been ranked by SEMrush as the most-searched certification. It teaches how campaign metrics should be examined, how KPIs can be optimized with a better approach to accelerate the marketing scale gradually. The Google Analytics Marketing Certification is valid for 1 year. One can attain it only after scoring 80% in the given marketing test.
  7. Google Digital Garage Certification: Considered one of the best marketing certifications for beginners, as it covers almost every important element of online marketing. Right from video optimization to following the right technique for social media marketing, there are 26 different marketing tests to study.
  8. Google AdWords Certification: As paid marketing is quite high in demand, Google AdWords has become an important element to be included in your overall list of degrees or tests acquired. Having the organic search results of 18,420 on different search engines, Google AdWords Certification almost ruling the marketing certification competition. To ensure a better sense of understanding for all the marketing elements, it has been divided into two different tests including- searches, video marketing, mobile marketing, shopping/e-commerce website marketing, paid marketing, etc. This test is valid for one year only.

Note: Amidst the above-mentioned platforms, a few are free to hop on whereas others may ask you for a few bucks as an entry fee for the certification course or test.

The bottom line:

This article highlights the eminence of marketing and its expanding influence on the present time the online market. Else than this, it also unravels a detailed list of top 10 marketing certificates which are mandatory to entitle yourself as a professional marketer.

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