Popular Web Designing Trends of 2018 That Every Business Must Follow

Imagine a web page without any infographic, icon and color scheme?

Seems sluggish? Right?

And now, think what can add value or grace to it?

Of course, a well-crafted web design accompanied by the most suitable color scheme.

What is the rising demand?

Every now and then, a number of websites are registering their presence on the internet boosting the online business standards. This has changed the market perspective for developing a business website.

Here is a string of designing trends of 2018 to help you understand the latest designing concept at its best.

  1. The power of animation: The present time generation is always in hurry so prefer not to stay on a single web page for more than 1-2 minutes, if it’s not found an interesting one. And eventually, it has made a designer’s job way more challenging. For this, putting up an interesting animation can work perfectly. All you need is to make sure that the animation used or designed should go with the overall theme of the website or business niche. If you can’t think of any animation element to be embedded in the webpage, try to do something creative with the logo, as animation logos are quite in demand.

  1. The magic of colors: No matter how enticing content you write or how cool is your website logo, it all fades away if you fail to paint your website in a suitable color scheme. For instance- let’s pretend, you run an online mobile retail store, so the color selection must be solid and dense rather than quirky or bright. In order to come up with the right choice, make sure you understand the business niche, first.

  1. Keep up with good typography: If you want to leave a long-lasting impact on viewers mind, then put all your creativity in the banner section of your business website. It’s not just about the content, color or design but about which font or typography are you using. Instead of using static or solid typography styles, think of picking up 3D fonts or highlight the ordinary ones with some effects.

  1. Make way for storytelling: Now, you must be thinking what a designer is supposed to do with the storytelling concept of a website. Right? According to the old-school rules, it is a content writer’s job to pen down a business story but from this year (2018), the guidelines have changed. Now, a designer is also responsible to come up with a story which cannot go unnoticed. Use self-explanatory graphics or web designs telling all about your business, services or products in the most engaging manner. For this, you may need to ask your designers to work more on their visualization skills.

  1. Give a try to designing tools: Why not to take leverages from tools when technology has made things so easy for us? Henceforth, get habitual to smart work. Ask your designers to use different designing apps or tools like- Marvel, Vectr, Figma, Adobe XD, Axure, Sketch 43, and much more.

  1. The potential of simplicity: Many will suggest you make it over the top but try not to follow it because, at present, simple and influential designs are knocking hard on the door of the designing world. Try to give the overall website design a subtle yet interactive outlook.

  1. Look playful: If you are not in favor of something static or subtle, then being playful in terms of designing can make you do something well with your website. All you need is to make sure whatever you design should not look over the top.

  1. Take help of your savvy friend: We all are blessed to live in the technological world where we have AI (Artificial Intelligence) as our digital mate helping us in many aspects. However, it is next to impossible to include AI illustrations like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant to your website but embedding smart chatbots (an example of AI) can make your website interact with viewers more like a human being and of course, it’s is a great medium to amaze your viewers too.

  1. Make mobile a priority: Developing an interactive design becomes more valuable when it is mobile compatible. Here, the mobile compatibility refers to a design which doesn’t disperse when a website is viewed on a mobile screen. If seen according to the present time designing trends, almost every business has made it mandatory to design a website compatible with mobile phones.

  1. Let your emails do the talking: Apart from website, application or social media, it is an email template which represents your business standards. So, make sure you make every possible effort to leave a good impression on your viewers, customers or clients. Keep the email template theme somehow relevant to the overall website design, this is one of the basic steps towards exhibiting your business as a brand.

  1. Say it all in one page: Try to minimize the overall design theme or content with the help of a single infographic. This not just leaves a positive impression on viewers also helps in fastening the web page load time.

  1. The charm of keep moving: Else than designing a banner image for your website banner segment, it is beneficial to go for uploading either a promotional or a 30-sec video showcasing your workspace. It is the best way to sound genuine for your targeted audience.

  1. Make it interesting with distractions: If you want to reduce the website bounce rate and make people come over and over again, give them a reason. How? Add a distracting element like- a GIF image to grasp all their attention and make them hooked to your website for long.

So, when are you planning to change your website design?

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